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Youth up for CRP 1.1’s implementation in South Asia region

The report shows that about 3 billion ha. of land ( near to 41% of the earth’s land) in the developing countries are dry. CRP1.1 proposed that with in population close to 2.5 billion there are 16% extremely poor. CGIAR research program (CRP1.1) focuses the economically and climatically challenged population of the dry areas as they are already vulnerable due to change in climate which is making their life harder. There are five developing countries target regions; West African Sahel and dry Savannas, East and Southern Africa, North Africa and West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia as identified in the initiation of CRP1.1, facing challenges in dryland agriculture.
On 27-28 August 2013, researchers, development partners and policy makers came together for Work Planning Meeting for the Dryland Systems (CRP1.1) South-Asia in Kathmandu, Nepal including a young participant as YPARD representative, three women and 39 researchers. (more…)

Call for articles: Agricultural biodiversity – Breaking the barriers

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Agricultural biodiversity plays a huge role in maintaining resilient local economies, balanced diets and balanced ecosystems. The rapid disappearance of agricultural biodiversity and the lack of measures to protect it are therefore great causes of concern.

Mainstream agricultural policies, which generally promote monoculture agriculture, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Intellectual Property Rights threaten such agricultural biodiversity, having an impact on agricultural landscapes, species, varieties, breeds, the wild relatives of crops and livestock, pollinators, micro-organisms and genes. These policies and practices lead to the disappearance of plant and animal species, and the knowledge embedded in their management and use.

The good news is that in recent years many promising initiatives have been launched around the world that aim to preserve and manage agricultural biodiversity. Small-scale family farmers often play a central role in these, acting as custodians of biodiversity. But other actors and institutions also play important roles. Producers, public and…

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How can I help you today?

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Dealing with epilepsy

Despite what everyone is saying, that I shouldn`t give free advice/help anymore and that I should try to sell myself better, I decided to offer my help to anyone in need for FREE.

My inspiration comes from reading (partially until now) the book of Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) called “The Start-up of You“. By reading this, I came to the conclusion that what has defined me over the years wasn`t my knowledge of a field or another, wasn`t my degrees or different skills, but, in fact, it was my interaction with people. I have always loved to help everyone, never saying “no” to a friend needing help or asking a question.

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